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apollyjustice's Journal

Apollo Justice
a picture of a dandelion in evening, the text on the header is a quote from the song "Dandelion" by Nicole Richie, it says: "he's a dandelion looks like everything I need, I thought he was a flower but found out he's a weed"

About Me

My name's Apollo Justice. I'm 28 and a member of the Dreamers United, a healthy multiple system (or well, relatively speaking we fit that category).

Inworld, I'm a defense attorney and a crossdresser. I'm also an abuse survivor and a workaholic and still coming to terms with both labels.

My journal is friends-locked so that I can talk about what's on my mind.

I talk a lot about my inworld family and a lot of negative headspace.

I am in a relationship inworld with Klavier (our_only_try)... It's still rocky, but we're both working together.

I also am in the process of adopting my two foster kids, Kalli and Nico Fiorenza. Both kids have their own health challenges, but I love them both very much even when things are a little crazy.

Outworld, you'll find me writing and pretty much whining about how often I manage to shove my foot in my mouth during therapy because I am impulsive and will inevitably say something that is out of character for the body.


I like crime and legal drama television shows, musicals and female pop vocalists. I also like Harry Potter, The Thief Lord, Horton Hears a Who, The Graveyard Book, Dennis Lehane stories, Sherlock Holmes, and Lilo & Stitch.

I also collect teddy bears and anything that's the color red.

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