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Apollo Justice

[Public Post] Meme

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Apollo: always wanted to be a lawyer
Apollo Justice

[Public Post] Meme

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Apollo: always wanted to be a lawyer
Say you were meeting a new person, blind date, new friend, who knows, and you wanted them to have some idea of what kind of person you are, and who you are. But you can't actually tell them in so many words. Instead, you have to give them a box, with a baker's dozen things in it for them to look at/read/listen to/taste/whatever. What would you put in the box?

1. a photo of 9 year old me curled up on the couch with the family dog cuddling the teddy bear Devon gave me
2. a program for a university performance of Sweet Charity with If You can See Me Now circled in blue ink and "You remind me of Charity" written in Mr. Gavin's flourishy calligraphy-esque cursive
3. an archive binder insert with a variety of newspaper clippings tucked in it (a large majority are of Mr. Wright's trials and my own)
4. Lyra's hair stylist business card
5. a program from one of Trucy's performances
6. a bootleg copy Trucy made for me of one of Klavier's demo CDs he made for 'his biggest fans' (I like it because it's mostly covers and alternate versions)
7. a "family photo" from the last really big Christmas party (I want to say there were at least 30 people in one house?)
8. a girly red bow barrette
9. the most recent incarnation of the Wright Anything Agency poster
10. a ticket to a To Write Love on Her Arms benefit concert I took Klavier to once because I know he likes that charity
11. a ticket from a benefit concert at the Orphanage I went to
12. a brochure for my Dad's children's theatre troupe
13. a bar of bittersweet chocolate

... That's interesting to note. :P Almost all my stuff is about other people... Guess DreamWriter and Mina are right... "Family" is a lot of my identity.

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